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Hola, I am

Valentina Leonor

I design products, looking for the perfect balance between user needs, business needs and my need to make things pretty delightful.

Creating a SaaS business

Design system
Dev collaboration

Banking for the youngers

UX Agency
User Research
Design Sprint

Starting an indie publisher

Editorial design
Side project

About me

I’ve spent the last 6 years in UX roles, being fully immersed in the products from planning to launching & iterations, all with the goal of crafting the most delightful user experiences.

With a background in Graphic design, I bring an inherently visual and hands-on approach to my work, and I thrive in environments (or while creating them) where organised and documented processes coexist with the freedom to create, share, experiment and test. Team work and diversity are at my core, complemented by my dedication to providing mentorship and constant learning.

Check out my CV, or just start a conversation on LinkedIn, or maybe check out some extra projects on Behance, or get mentorship from me in ADPList ✌🏼