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I’m Valentina Leonor, a professional Graphic Designer and self-taught UX-UI Designer from Bolivia, currently living in Barcelona

I have spent the last 4 years working as a UX-UI Designer, conceptualizing and crafting digital products and working on the end-to-end experience, mostly in the startup environment. In total, I have 8 years of experience working in tech and went through a lot of phases, like the web designer, the aspiring front-end developer, or the UI designer. 

🎒 What I’ve been doing

I’ve been working a lot with startups and it has been very exciting: I enjoy launching and testing ideas in the real world but also having the patience to understand humans, test, and iterate as much as needed.

💡 What makes me happy (at work)

  • working with diverse people
  • organized and documented processes to keep everyone aligned but freedom to create and experiment
  • doing research with my team and work together to understand our users
  • hands-on visual design
  • having great mentors and being a mentor for new designers

📌 Other things I like

  • constant learning and updating
  • the use of technology to build a better world
  • books and editorial design (I co-founded an indie publisher)
  • doing some extra projects, check my Behance to see some
  • dogs, travels, singing unprofessionally, doing yoga+meditation every morning, and eating spicy food… I’m a regular human being

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